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Reiki is different for everyone, some people feel deeply relaxed during and afterwards, others can have many other enlightening experiences.


Reiki Healing involves laying hands gently on and off various comfortable areas of the body.  The client is fully clothed during the treatment and there is no fixed time as to how long Reiki will last, however a Reiki Healing session usually lasts approximately an hour, however if more time is needed there will be no rush to end the session.


  Reiki is an energy healing technique.

•  Reiki is powerful, yet gentle and nurturing.

•  Reiki leaves you feeling deeply relaxed and peaceful.

•  Reiki can work alongside conventional treatments aiding recovery.

•  Reiki is now accepted in NHS hospitals.

•  Reiki can help with many physical and emotional problems.

•  Reiki helps the body to heal itself.



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